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The Best Online Casino Reviewed List

During our 9 years of gambling online, we've tested dozens of internet casinos. Based on our experience the ones listed below are the best. These online casinos are the the ones we both recommend and play at ourselves.

Las Vegas USA - Gets the top spot for the best payout percentages (as a matter of fact you get here better odds than land-based casinos). Exceptional payout percentage of over 97.4% (as verified by the Online Players Association). An honest and credible. Great customer service, quick response to players' questions and requests. Payouts are paid without any problems.
Platinum Play - Provides 5 star quality online gambling. Great odds, top quality gaming. Excellent service, and exclusive comps make this a favorite place to play for high rollers and players seeking top quality.
Fortune Room - Great odds, top quality internet gambling with very realistic graphics. Customer service is available 24 hours a day by phone/email. Feature popular games, including Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines and Video Poker all with matchless graphics and sounds.
GamingClub - believes that excellent service levels is what keeps players coming back to their site again and again. In addition, a number of varied and exciting promotions are run at any one time, offering players the chance to win fantastic prizes.
Millionaire Kazino - Is one of the best-established gamble website on the Internet. Their toll-free support is available 24 hours a day. You'll find the odds are great with the payout percentage over 98%.
Riverbelle - Offers some of the best no download games and super comps and prizes for players. Great Customer Service and prompt pay outs.
7 Sultans - offers a generous bonus. More than 60 state-of-the-art interactive games, They also offer the best 24/7 Toll Free Telephonic and Email Support, as well as having their Payout Percentages reviewed monthly by one of the world's top 5 auditing firms.
VegasTowers - Performs well in all categories. Once you get the free download and start playing for real money, you'll enjoy the high quality gaming, realistic graphics and great service.
Cool Hand Poker - Is rated among the best in game quality, security, payout and experience. Great Customer Service and prompt pay outs.
PokerTime - Great odds, top quality gamble with very realistic graphics. Customer service is available 24 hours a day by phone/email.
VegasPalms - offers 42 state-of-the-art interactive games, including 5 progressive slots. They also offer the great 24/7 Toll Free Telephonic and Email Support, as well as having their Payout Percentages reviewed monthly by one of the world's top 5 auditing firms.

Follow These Tips to Increase Your Winning Odds

BC Game casino

1. Do not consume alcohol when your are gambling. - this is actually the most significant error created by gamers. I understand I am going to lose a few of you once you read this initial suggestion since you will not apply it. If you wish to drink, visit a pub or nightclub but do not gamble.  Really, liquor and gambling would not mix.  Not just will you have a headache the following day, you actually will not have any cash to obtain some aspirin.

2. Just play Blackjack, Video Poker, Sports Betting, Poker (vs. others):  stay with these kinds of games and you have a chance.  All these games can in fact be played with you getting an advantage on the gambling establishment.  If you are a great craps gamer and cannot steer clear, bet the Pass line with full odds. The higher the odds the better.

3. Establish your bankroll Before getting to the gambling house, and do not have access to more money.  Whenever you determine the amount to bring be sure you have enough to last the majority of the visit even if you are losing.  In case you do not have enough, restrict the number of days your are there.  You would not wish to be stuck in a gambling house with no money.

4. Sign-up to get a comp or reward card.  ALWAYS use it.  I cannot explain the number of occasions I see folks not utilizing their card since they believe the casino will not be allowing them to win.  The gambling establishment cannot turn a switch and have the device not pay.  All of the programming is within the machine and can only be modified by the suppliers.  Make sure to study every single benefit they have available, from cash back to bounce back cash to special offers ect.  Learn anything that you might be eligible for with your points and use it in your favor, however be cautious do not ever over play your money only for comps.


5. Do not ever employ a credit card for a money advance.  The amount they may charge you is absurd.  These people realize you might be desperate for cash and will pay excessive charges to have that cash.  Don’t allow them to do that to you.  Leave all of your credit cards in your own home.  Yet again, determine the amount you intend to wager with Before getting to the particular casino and stay with it.

6. Here's a list of honest virtual gambling companies: Euro (no deposit bonus - see review - has good Pokeronline tables), Golden Palace (top online slot machines), OnlineGambling, Golden Betting (UK - super  gaming action), Europa Man (best mobile slot machines), Las Vegas (me pokies - flash), Sky Winner kazino(London UK -  (live onlinecasinos action - gamble with ease), Fun (internet rooms system - no deposit bonus for bingo and sports betting), Watch USA (mobile no download, free poker), Movie on the Net (live professional gamble action), Cazino Tropez (no download software - beste pro Texas Holdem), Swiss (news section), Virtual Rewards (Australia and Austria sportsbook site), Circus (good real money making site), Microgaming (good platform with a long games list, portal), Eurogrand  (top rated, trusted - beat  live dealer), Windows (gambiling magazine - information guide), Smart live (nice Australian flash virtual), Mybet  Classic, Gcasino (biggest directory in Ireland), Playtech (software platform company with very good statistics), Gaming Club (secure, recommended by a known strategies guru), RTG (gaming platform with the best keno), Prestige (safe and honest - make it very easy to open an account), Joyland (great gambeling promotions - no deposit required), Las Vegas (fast payouts), Kerching (has a good guide as to what is gambling wiki), Mint (Canada - has a good bingo), Grand (newest - accepts most credit card - offers good deals), Prism, Betfred (Ireland gamberling), 21nova (popular in Texas), Microgaming (provides a software platform), Littlewoods ac, Holland, New Jersey, King Silversands (Schweiz), Tdu2, Circus, Bfcb 32x.

7. Limit your session play time.  This really is one not many persons do and it is significant.  Based on what game you might be playing it is best to limit how much time you play for any one session.  I would suggest for Blackjack to play for just one hour each time, for video poker at most Two hours each time, if possible 1.5 hours.  The reason behind this has to do with your focus and attention.  In case you are keeping track of cards in blackjack, after one hour you become tired and start making mistakes.  Even if you are not playing with an advantage stay with all these limitations.  Plan your sessions out before getting to the gambling house.  Your break in between sessions need not be very lengthy, however make an effort to make them a minimum of Half an hour.  Find anything to eat, rest, what ever just get away from games.

8. If you want to play Blackjack, remember basic strategy and don't deviate from it.  Way too many times I see folks who know the correct move to make but do not as they “have a feeling.”  Basic strategy is definitely the mathematically correct play to make on any hand.  In case you do not trust it do the math yourself.  There are numerous publications that will describe the mathematics behind basic strategy.  Make your choices based on math.

9. If you want to play video poker choose a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine to get started on teaching yourself to play correctly.  It is the easiest machine to begin with.  A 9/6 machine means it will pay 9 coins for each coin bet for a fullhouse (45 if playing 5 max coin) and 6 for a flush (30 for 5 max coin.)   Check out the paytables.  Should they just offer 8 for a fullhouse or 5 for a flush, do not play.  Head to a different casino.  There are many casinos which have 9/6 machines.  Additionally, let the casino realize why you are leaving.

10. Do not be uncomfortable to bring a “cheat sheet.”  Should you be unable to remember Blackjack basic strategy get a chart with you and refer to it.  If you don’t know the correct plays for Jacks or Better video poker (Do not mistake this with knowing how to play since you cannot use common sense to find out the mathematically accurate plays, should be studied and memorized), print off a page that ranks every hand.

11. To get the best chance to succeed players must be familiar with the games well before they begin to play. A blackjack gamer who does not know the rules of the game, the totals on what the dealer must hit or stand, or the basic strategy for play might as well simply write the gambling house a check. Similarly, a craps participant who does not know about available options could make bets providing the house a 16.67 per cent advantage, whenever bets are available at the same table that limit the house edge to .6 %. Find out The best bets and avoid the worst ones, and you should win more frequently.


12. It's a common reality in casino games that the most educated bettor is the one with more luck. You must never get ahead of yourself and leap straight into participating in a game if you don't at least understand the basic principles of the game. It's essential to be aware of what you're doing prior to doing. In case you are playing at a land based gambling house don't be hesitant to ask the dealer questions or otherwise look for a rules sheet which many casinos keep on hand for beginners. In online casinos it's worthwhile studying the guidelines of the game which are usually provided either in the casino software itself or through the casino internet site.

13. Establish a limit for the amount you would like to play and do not go over that! - Ahead of getting into an internet casino or leaving your house for a land based casino you should set a limit for how much cash you would like to spend and stay with it. It is extremely easy to get into a scenario in which you start chasing your losses and as a result you will soon burn a hole in your wallet. On-line gambling houses make it quite simple to make deposits and create an impression as if you are not truly using cash as for the most part it's done on credit. Make sure to establish your limitations before you begin playing and not deviating from there.

14. Do not get overconfident! - Probably the most typical mistakes created by beginner gamblers is once they win too big too fast. The better judgment of new players will frequently get the best of them and result in losing a big win. It is necessary that should you earn a decent amount that you should pocket some of the profits or if playing on the internet make a withdrawal. By doing this you can make sure that you leave with something. Even when you're able to leave with what you started out with you'll be best then walking away with absolutely nothing. Never forget to claim every single deposit bonus that you could. You will get some effortlessly, yet others not quite so easily, but until you claim them, you will never be in the running to get them.

15. Anytime you can, play European Roulette rather than American roulette since the additional "00" in American Roulette virtually doubles the house advantage in comparison to European Roulette.

Winning at online casino video

16. Don't ever take insurance bets in Blackjack since the probability of winning these are more than twice the house probability of other bets and you're merely wasting your money.

17. Don't keep any cards in a video poker hand that will not have something that pays out. The worst that can be done is get another five cards that don't pay out, and you're equally well off as you have been just before.

18. The more time you play, the greater probability the gambling establishment has of winning. Casinos usually have the long-term edge, so quit as long as you're ahead.

19. Take your time! One of the greatest benefits of online casinos is the fact that there is no time limit and no one hurrying you to come to a decision, so relax, take some time and really consider what you are likely to bet on.

20. Make certain that the casino which you decide on has 24/7 live support offered. You could never need it, but if you do, you'll be happy that it's there.

21. Don't chase after losses. Be sure you established a spending budget and stay with it! Make certain you see gambling of any type as entertainment and never a sport or a way of life.

22. Look around to get the best deal. Online gambling providers are a dime a dozen but do not become too quick to make your selection. Decide on an honest gambling operator; one which has been around for several years, that uses a trustworthy software supplier, and that offers the best odds.

23. Select the right game. When you gamble in an Online Casino, pick games that may help you improve the chance for being successful such as Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, or Baccarat. Whilst other games like multi reel 23. Slots and Video Poker seem to be enjoyable, they may not be that rewarding since there is no guarantee that you can earn on any one spin.

24. Use the 3 B Playing Method. The most successful Gamers do not always have ‘Lady Luck’ on their side. They make use of the 3 B Betting Method - Budget, Budget, Budget! Consider carefully your gambling experience a new business enterprise. In a business enterprise, a business person will budget to make sure he has sufficient money and resources to take him via a specific time frame. Likewise, when going to play on the internet, you need to make a budget that you will be at ease with and stick to it. In this manner, you will lower your monetary losses and raise your likely successful game play.

25. Define a playing timetable. The word that you can have too much fun is unfortunately very true. At times, folks who play on-line get caught up in the moment, particularly when they are winning and unintentionally wind up spending more cash or more time playing than they initially expected. Don’t get caught up in the moment. Set a time frame for your online play and stay with it. One and a half hours is the ideal typical play time for every Player. The amount of time you play on-line is a very significant concern and will play an important part in making or breaking you while having game play session.

26. Establish your priorities first. Before you start playing, choose whether you wish to play for fun only or whether you wish to really earn a certain amount of money. You may also might like to do the two, but anything you choose, be sure you set possible goals. Don’t go into Slots, looking to win a Jackpot or do not play Poker only for the goal of obtaining a Bad Beat Bonus! You will become a very UNhappy camper if you do not be realistic.

27. Don't allow greed control you. Quite often, folks who play on-line lose due to their own greed. They will start off winning several games or a several hands. But then, they realize that another person is winning, so they wish to earn more. To be able to gain more, they start to gamble more. Then when they start losing, they are not pleased with just cashing in the chips or playing an additional game. They continue to gamble till the funds they reserve for the session is used up. This is no one’s fault but the person who played the game, wager the money, and lost everything! Dont be greedy. Play smart instead, and, if you notice you’re losing, finish the session, cash in the chips, and call it a night. Or you can opt to consider another game. Anything you decide, DON’T go more than your limit.

28. Get a 2nd opinion. While choosing an online gaming Operator, you can make your selection from one of the trusted online casinos at the head of this site. If you think the need for an extra opinion, you may also navigate through one of the numerous free online gambling forums. They are spread all over on the web and they provide Player’s view and experiences on particular Providers and games offered. Make sure to look at the most current Remarks and Posts so you can also keep current on what’s going on in this vibrant sector.

29. Read the fine print. This is particularly necessary wherever bonuses and special promotions are involved. For Advertising reasons, bonus offers are really attractive and appear too good to be true and this is quite often the situation. If you come across a bonus offer that claims 1000% Match Deposit, you can bet your last money that it comes with numerous limitations. Look at the Terms and Conditions of bonuses, promotions, and special deals. When they are not available on the site, then call their Support services Staff for confirmation.

Bonuses 30. Which one to decide on? When choosing the best places to play, do not select an online operator mainly because it comes up on the Top ten Google search of your search results. That is not imply that it truly is reliable or trustworthy. It simply shows that the Marketing Staff placed its Advertising money to optimum use. The gambling Operators listed on our website are individually reviewed, are well-known for their longevity and fair play, and, above all, pay Players whenever they gain.

31. Train at Home - In case you are reading this article, chances are you have accessibility to the web. The online world has plenty of free sites where one can practice "winning." Locate your preferred game free online and practice how winning feels.

For your convenience here's a list of recommended hotels in the USA, Europe and asis where you can gamble: Royal, Grand, Club (freegames), Hard rock (has freeonlinegames), Horseshoe, Double down (has poker for free), Kazino red, Gold (nice, slots), Palace casion, Doubledown, Holland, Jack, Rama, Paris, Rivers (kasino online), Station (888 poker), Harrahs (great Texas holdem poker tables), Harrah (nodeposit bonus), Hollywood (California ), Golden (nice no deposit bonus), Station (freecasino), Las Vegas (wwwcasino), Red rock (nodeposit bonuses), Jocuri (Indiana), Windsor (Atlantic city), New york (mobile), Epiphone (France), Tulalip (in Oklahoma), Winstar (ruleta tables), Caesar, Treasure island, Motor city casinò, River rock, Foxwoods, Kazino igri, Monte carlo, Del sol (Arizona), California Rio (free roulette), Cherokee stations (indian), Foxwood choctaw (gratis), Parx , Stations, Morongo, Palms (Singapore), Argosy (Mississippi).

South point (has backgammon), Macau 777, Oklahoma Me flash, Spin, Harrah s, Greektown (Montreal), Go mount airy (orleans), Grand hotel winner, Riva (in Florida), Mgm rooms, Sandia tunica, Riviera vip, Hinckley empire (texas), Suncoast , Mohegan sun, Gaming club, Blue chip (Louisiana), Gold coast (Indiana), Commerce (Connecticut), Reef (Chicago), Pechanga (Michigan), Hoyle casino, Inter (Macau), Hampton beach (locations), Smart aria, Hooters chips, Pamper, Thunder valley, Kasino bonus, Free spins , Virtual Paradise, Cherry, Northern quest (Detroit), Star city (pa), Swiss (offers nice promotions), Red hawk (Pennsylvania), Circus (Austria), Muckleshoot, Downstream, New brunswick, Bethlehem, Grand hinckley (new Brunswick), Silverton (latest bonuses), Home (Minnesota), Barona (new Orleans), Cool cat, Riverwind (free slots 4 u), Borgata (Texas), Horseshoe (Indiana), Wind creek (Ohio), Paragon dice (iowa), Eurogrand.

Sugarhouse, Mt airy, Flamingo, Coconut creek (Sydney), Luxor windows, Casinorewards, Monaco, Gun lake, Rome, Sands Bethlehem, Free spin, Grand biloxi, Smart live, Mirage mega (wisconsin), Palace biloxi (san Diego), 365 bicycle, Cache creek, Moncton, Clearwater (Pittsburgh), Showboat, Coushatta (Wisconsin), Mobile Philadelphia, Mgm grand, Burswood (missouri), Star games (west Virginia), Mybet (north carolina), All slots, Excalibur (cherokee nc), L, ke charles (illinois), Classic tv, Winpalace (Alabama), Lucky eagle, Terribles bally casino, Diamond jo, Twin river (Delaware), Soboba (nova Scotia), Silver reef, Ballys, Golden nugget, Edgewater, Bellagio (junkets from Los angeles), Twin rivers, Harrahs cherokee, Stratosphere, Seneca allegany, Sycuan, Paddy, Gcasino, Choctaw durant (Chicago), Biloxi ms affiliate, Empire city, Cirrus (junket trips), Tunica ms, Table mountain (top card games), Three rivers (in Detroit), Prism (malta), Aztar, Tunica Mississippi, Planet Hollywood, Rushmore, Coast, Smartlive, Mandalay bay, Hollywood park, Foxwoods ct, Beste talking stick, Winstar world casino, City club (Kansas city), Chinook winds, Prestige, Foxwoods (Connecticut), Ruby, Horseshoe tunica, Grand tunica, Sams town, Go wild, Riverside Laughlin, Golden gate, Colusa , Live dealer.

Mr green , Ip biloxi, Horseshoe bossier, Share, 21 nova (live games), Rivers (Pittsburgh), Club player, Lady luck (Miami), Harris kazino, Aliante, Immokalee (Singapore), Gold strike, Hawaiian gardens, Buffalo run (new Orleans), Winstar (Oklahoma), French lick, Zodiac, Gowild, Celtic (American guide), Harrington, Aladdin, Lucky red, Rincon, Foxwoods Resort, Hollywood tunica, Horseshoe shreveport, Bethlehem pa, High noon, Instant play, Fremont (Kentucky), Colosseum, Perryville (Delaware), Mgm Detroit, Chester (poker chips), Horseshoe Hammond, Party platinum play (freecasinogames), Cherry red, Silversands, Bellini, Golden tiger, Delaware park, Metropolis, Kerching, Indiana live, Mint, Yonkers, Cosmopolitan, Bally s, Ceasars, Noble (sign up bonus), Roxy palace, Seminole immokalee, Betfred, Akwesasne Mohawk, Lucky nugget, Treasure chest, Riverbelle, Boulder station, 21nova, Eureka, Nostalgia, Lucky club, Windstar, 7 sultans, Boyle, Captain cooks, Golden riviera, Vip club.

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